Six Ways to Wear African Print Trousers

Wearing African printed clothing is not unusual in African countries, but when you live somewhere that it’s not so common, especially in business environments, you might wonder how you can incorporate the look into your wardrobe.  The summer season is the perfect time to introduce the vibrant pattterns into your wardrobe.  It seems like offices are becoming more relaxed open to the expressive, bold patterns and bright colours in the summer when the gloom of winter is well behind you. 

One simple way to do this is with a pair of trousers (pants) that make a statement. Choose everything from wide-leg to pencil cut or from high-waisted to relaxed fit. With the right pair of shoes you’ll prove why African wear is equally professional for the office.

Here are six ways you can wear African print trousers to the office.

1. With a Button-Down Shirt

Ankara trouser from

Wide leg trousers worn with a white button down shirt is a cool way to walk into the office making your own power statement. Everyone should have a button down shirt in their closet. It’s a wardrobe basic you can’t go wrong with. 

2. With a Sleeveless Top

Image: Pinterest

 If you’re lucky enough to work in an office that doesn’t outlaw sleeveless shorts, you can find a pretty sleeveless top to wear with your trousers. A simple neutral like white, beige or blue works well with almost any pattern. Top it with a statement necklace and you’re looking sophisticated at the office. 

3. Layer a Blazer

Image: Pinterest/Etsy

Keep it professional with a more subdued pattern in deeper tones of blue, grey or green.  With a slight hint of colour, you can pair it with a blazer and still keep a corporate look.

4. With a Solid Colour

The Jackson Trouser. (Image: Pinterest)

Find a solid coloured top that pulls from one of the colours in the pattern of your pants. It doesn’t have to be the exact shade but close enough in the same colour family. 

A top like the one pictured above can be worn up on the shoulder at the office then pulled down for an evening fuction after work. 

5. Mix Patterns

mix print

If you work in a more creative office environment where almost anything goes, try this look. You don’t always have to match your patterns. There’s something innovative about putting together patterns that were once considered as clashing. 

Find one common colour in both prints and you’ll see that mixing it together will surprisingly be just the change you were looking for.

6. Matching Top

matching top
Image: Pinterest

Some might consider this to be an overload of pattern, but with a simple design it’s actually quite sleek. Pair it with a basic pump in a neutral shade and you’re all set.


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