When the Second Lady Gets More Press

Samira inauguration
Samira Bawumia during the January 7,2017  Presidential Inauguration ceremony at Ghana’s Independence Square. Dress by Pistis (Image: Swag of Africa News)

The First Lady of any country is often under much scrutiny for how she represents her husband, herself and her country.  Most often she is looked at for how she carries herself, what causes she is supporting and her personal sense of style.  An entire nation often has their eyes fixated on what she will wear.  Well, in Ghana, it seems the people are much more interested in the fashion sense of the second lady, Samira Bawumia.

When President Nana Akufo-Addo was inaugurated on January 7, 2017, there was so much talk about what was worn by Vice President Mahamadu Bawumia’s wife.  More attention was paid to her attire than that of the First Lady Rebecca Akufo-Addo.  The mood was exactly the same for the celebration of Ghana’s 60th anniversary of Independence on March 6,2017.  All eyes were on Samira.

samira full
Samira accompanied her husband, Vice President Mahamadu Bawumia in perfect style. (Image: Bob Pixel Photography)

Samira did something unexpected and has had many people talking.  She combined her headscarf with a handmade fascinator by a Ghanaian brand HatBoxCo.  A combination most have never seen before and was quite befitting of her high fashion yet demure way of dress.  I’m sure she set a trend in Ghana with that combo.  The dress, by Pistis, was beige with a pink, blue and green kente fabric contrasting at the sleeves, from the knees down and in the slit at the back of her dress.

As a Muslim she does her best to remain covered while showing the world you don’t have to expose a lot of skin to be admired for your fashion sense.  Unfortunately, as celebrated as she has been by most of the population for what she wears, many Muslims (who make up 17% of Ghana’s population), were not impressed and had some harsh words for the Second Lady.  Social media was ablaze with both the positive and negative.  But it seems the good words far outweighed the bad.

What do you think of her personal style?

(Image credit: Yaw Pare)
A headwrap with a fascinator, an unexpected combination. (Image: Yaw Pare)
(Image: Yaw Pare)
Samira Bawumia’s custom made dress by Pistis worn at the Presidential Inauguration.

3 thoughts on “When the Second Lady Gets More Press

  1. SamIra Bawumia is amazing. Apart from the high sense of fashion she is very good looking and attractive. She is the type that can win people over even without saying a word. A good public speaker, she can speak many Ghanaian languages across the board. No doubt, she played a significant role in the NPP’s 2016 election victory.

    Samira is poised to become one of Ghana’s famous stateswomen. I hope she knows that.


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