Have You Seen Asikere Afana’s Transitions Collection?

asikere afana banner

Selected as one of Canada’s top 10 sustainable fashion brands, Asikere Afana continues to grow into one of the most popular fashion brands inspired by Africa and its culture.  The transitions collection features pieces that represent a time of change in the season.  Even though it is still summer and sweltering hot outside, the cooler autumn season is just around the corner.  Asikere Afana brings us the delight of pieces you can wear now and still continue to wear into the early fall season.

asikere blue

With a focus of rich hues and vibrant patterns, all the pieces will make you the centre of attention everywhere you go. Designed to bring out the beauty and femininity of a woman, you can’t help but want them all.

asikere pink

The latest addition to the Asikere Afana brand is luxury jersey knits that flow and drape your body. At first glance you think the garments are made using traditional mudcloth, which can be heavier than the cotton prints, until you touch and feel the luxe jersey. You won’t find this anywhere. Asikere Afana has their own printed jerseys that resemble mudcloth and they look so regal.

asikere printed mudclith

See more from the transitions collection on the website.  [CLICK HERE to shop the collection]


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