What Fall Trend Can You Wear Right Now?

Valentino Rolling Rockstud Guitar Strap leather bag.

With temperatures at boiling point during the summer season the last thing anyone wants to think about is fall.  But when it comes the the fashion retail cycle, you can’t help but think of the upcoming season when the stores start stocking autumn merchandise as early as mid-July.  I don’t know about you, but I want to enjoy every little bit of summer while it lasts.

So what trend did we see on the runways that you would actually want to get your hands on right now? The guitar strap. Perhaps one of the coolest things in accessories because many of these styles are actually interchangeable. Already a hit with some this spring/summer season, it’s one trend that will continue to carry over into the fall.  You can remove the straps and make the same purse look new simply with a new colour or pattern.

Pick your own straps at Fendi.

Fendi announced that it would be selling straps separately, giving customers the freedom to choose what straps they wanted for their purses. Such a great idea giving women the freedom to add a dose of colour or pattern to an otherwise plain handbag.




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