P.K. Subban in Suit Up It’s Game Time.

The fashion industry has long had a love affair with using celebrities to promote their brands.  Actors, musicians and athletes are top choices in branding and creating a certain image.  For spring 2016, Canadian retailer RW & Co. has brought NHL star P.K. Subban on board to promote its latest menswear collection.  In a short film dubbed, Suit Up It’s Game Time, the Montreal Canadiens defenseman plays the character of a hero.  The suit is meant to be the outfit of choice and embody a sense of polished cool.  “The official off-ice uniform, the suit is synonymous with power and prestice,” said Rita McAdam, VP of Marketing and Visual Presentation at RW&Co. “P.K. Subban embodies those values. He is exemplary of ambition, hard work and success, but also of confident self-expression.”

P.K. Subban and his family for RW & Co.



He plays the role very well in this ad and it also helps that he makes the suits look good.  “The pre-game suit is where my passion for fashion started,” recalls P.K. Subban, “The suit allowed me to express my personal style, all while looking professional. That’s fashion—you can make your own fashion. Once again, I’m proud to add the title of ambassador for RW&CO.’s Spring collection to my roster. I’m glad to have the chance to communicate the importance and versatility of the suit to men, especially young male athletes who are just now being introduced to suiting. “


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