Natural Hairstyles

Natural hair amongst Black women is becoming more common over the years. So much that it’s been reported that sales of relaxers have seen a decline.  Mintel, a consumer research company, reported that the sales of relaxers dropped from $206 million to $152 million in 2013.  It’s no wonder that many brands have now expanded their product lines to include ‘natural’ hair care.

When I first went natural, most salons would look at me funny when I walked in and say, “Sorry we don’t do natural hair. Why don’t you just relax it?”  These days there are many more options with salons that have opened up specializing in natural hair care.

I saw this video posted on BuzzFeed and just had to share it.  For those who may have some length in their natural afros, there are some great style options here to try.  Some I’ve done, even though my own hair is shorter than the girl in the video.  This video is trending all over social media and honestly I think it’s great.

Image courtesy Buzzfeed.
Image courtesy Buzzfeed.

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