Throwback Thursday Nostalgia

Modelling for Windsor Life Magazine. Photo by Ramza Saruna, 2003.
#ThrowbackThursday. Modelling for Windsor Life Magazine. Photo by Ramza Saruna, 2003.

Every Thursday for the last few years, many people, including myself, partake in the #tbt #ThrowbackThursday posts of social media.  We post pictures of the past and fondly remember the high or low points in our lives.  Whether it’s an old school photo, or old snapshots of shenanigans with high school or college friends, it’s always so much fun seeing old pictures.  Here’s my #ThrowbackThursday for today.  The photo above was taken for Windsor Life Magazine in 2003.  This necklace was beautiful and valued at $15, 000.  I had a lot of fun on this shoot, which was shot by Ramza Saruna.

Some people  say the throwback should be at least five years ago, but I think it’s okay to have a throwback from last year.  Why? Because it reminds us of what’s changed in a year.  The time goes by so fast that sometimes we tend to forget the small accomplishments or milestones that can happen in a year.  Or maybe it’s just having a wonderful memory of time with friends and family.

One thing to remember is that cherishing our memories from the past gives us all a feeling of warmth and happiness.  It’s also important to realize that as good as some memories may be, we shouldn’t forget to enjoy the present moments and to look forward to creating future memories.  Some people become paralyzed in the past and always talk about the ‘good old days’, never realizing that being alive today is also a good day.

Have a fantastic Thursday building new memories that you can make throwback Thursday moments of the future!


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