It’s Okay to Repeat


As women we are often under so much pressure to wear a new outfit whenever we go to events, parties, clubs, dinner dates, meetings, work, social gatherings and so much more.  All we have to do is look at celebrities to see the pressure women face versus the men.  They could wear the same thing and the news will say nothing. But ‘gasp’ should a woman walk on the red carpet in the same dress it’s considered a fashion faux pas.  This is not exclusive to celebrity lives.  It happens in the lives of everyday women.  It doesn’t have to be a red carpet moment or black tie affair either.
How many times have you looked in your closet before you have to go somewhere and said, “I have nothing to wear.” Meanwhile you’re staring at a closet full of clothes.

I had one of my closest friends recently say to me, “I’ve never see you wear the same thing twice.” Even my sister once said that to me.  I tried to tell them both (on different occasions) that they have seen me repeat clothes, they just didn’t realize it.  I admit, I do have a lot of clothes, but I certainly don’t have enough that I can go without repeating something.

There’s an art to repeating your clothing. It’s about mixing it up or spacing the time you wear it. But if you want to repeat the exact same outfit….I say go for it. Clothes were meant to be worn more than one time in my opinion.  Why spend your hard-earned money to only enjoy the piece of clothing one time.  That just seems like a travesty…ok…so travesty is a little strong choice of word, but you get what I’m saying..

Pretty much the same outfit except the top is a tank top. Same colour.
Pretty much the same outfit except the top is a tank top. Same colour.

You can see in these two pictures this is pretty much the same outfit.  The slight difference is I wore a tank top before and this time it’s a short sleeve, v-neck t-shirt.  Same colour though.  The sun was shining in the top image so the colour looks more brilliant than the cloudy day I shot the other pic.  But, you get what I’m saying.  No big deal to wear it again.

I will share more moments like this to show you how to wear it again, because it’s ok to repeat.

#itsoktorepeat  #itsok2repeat


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