Craddle Care Maternity Hospital offers Free Antenatal Screenings in Accra

cradle care

One of the issues I noticed while working with The Maternal Health Channel in Ghana, was many women would not go for their regular antenatal care (prenatal care). It’s important for these women to understand why it’s so critical to having a healthy pregnancy and how it can be used as a tool to determine if the woman is at risk for any possible complications.  Going for regular check-ups can save a woman’s life and that of her newborn child.  During these appointments a doctor or midwife advises the patient on how she should be managing herself during her pregnancy.  The way a woman eats can greatly affect her.  Also checking things like blood pressure is also very important in her care.

The one day free clinic is being run in partnership with the MultiTV Group.  So the free antenatals will be held in Kokomlemle in the MultiTV carpark, where Joy FM/TV are located.

If you’re a pregnant woman, or know someone who is in the Greater Accra area contact them through their Facebook Page –>> Craddle Care on Facebook or by telephone on +233 30 281 3014.

birthing room
Birthing room at the hospital.

One thought on “Craddle Care Maternity Hospital offers Free Antenatal Screenings in Accra

  1. I had nothing but the best of care with craddle care maternity home. Patience, friendliness, professionalism. Twice I have delivered there and no regrets.


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