Dolce & Gabbana Embrace Motherhood

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Dolce & Gabbana’s fall/winter 2015 runway show at Milan Fashion Week was clear in their reference to motherhood and family.  The show featured models standing or sitting with children and babies against a backdrop that read “mamma” in handwritten script.  It was adorable to see them strut down the runway carrying babies or wearing matching shift dresses with a ‘mommy and me’ vibe.  It was refreshing to see models as real-life women.  Pregnancy, motherhood and family are all big parts of many women’s lives and for D&G to embrace that at the highest level in the fashion business was beautiful to see.

The collection was one in full bloom with flowers decorating many of the dresses and skirts.  Tributes to mothers like “I love mommy” and “Je t’aime mama” were written on the front of dresses paying homage to the women who shape every one of us; mothers.  Playful artwork resembling that of children’s drawings adorned shift dresses and full skirts displaying the creativity of children and the pride of a parent when they show off their little one’s creative masterpieces.



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