Stella Jean’s Cultural Mix

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Stella Jean’s fall 2015 collection at Milan Fashion Week reminded us that the designer doesn’t like to stick to conventional style when it comes to her design aesthetic.  She’s not afraid to push cultural boundaries and bring together many different colours, prints and patterns in a way that most would be afraid to do.

Jean has built her label using ethnic culture mixed into a contemporary arena.  Often known for using African inspired prints, this time around she had a large amount of plaids and mixed animal prints with bohemian patterns that gave a new definition to bohemian chic.  The silhouettes often were exaggerated with full bell skirts and oversized men’s inspired coats.  She told before her runway show, “I am genuinely interested in multicultural crossovers.  I try to keep a fresh perspective, avoiding the traps of the tourist’s eye or, even worse, the perils of an imperialist gaze. It’s not about one culture prevailing on the other. Rather, I am an advocate for the seamless blending of the apparently disparate.”


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