No Bra Day October 13, 2014


This morning I logged on to Twitter to discover today is apparently No Bra Day.  When I clicked on the hashtag for #NoBraDay I was hit with a mixture of quotes about Breast Cancer Awareness and of course some images posted for the sheer titillation of men to enjoy looking at sexually charged imagery.  Without regard to the real reason for No Bra Day.

Another quick search on Google brought mixed results of No Bra Day having been listed as July 9, 2014 and again October 13, 2014.  It seems the date in July was about just letting loose and freedom from wearing all the constrictive garments we women always do under our clothing.  A revolution of sorts like the ‘burning bras’ of feminism.  However, this No Bra Day in October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is more about bringing attention to Breast Cancer.  About shedding light on the survivors and women who have gone through the process of fighting the deadly disease.  An opportunity to educate us about doing self examinations and be more aware about changes to your breasts.

Unfortunately, like many causes on Twitter and social media, the true meaning could get lost.  There is a large likelihood people will just post selfies showing off their bodies without bras.  Some men have even commented that it may be their favourite day of the year; getting to see the ‘girls’ hanging out.

On No Bra Day, don’t let the meaning and the message get lost.  Take a moment to research about Breast Cancer and what you can do to be more proactive about your own health. Schedule a check-up, make a donation or get involved in something to support the cause.


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