INPSPIRING WOMEN | Bernice Dapaah’s Bamboo Bikes


Bernice Dapaah is the Founder of Bamboo Bikes in Ghana.  She saw the opportunity to create something that would help girls and women by giving them economic empowerment while utilizing the resources in their communities.  They are trained on harvesting bamboo and bringing it back into their communities to create the bamboo bikes.  It’s an extensive training program that teaches them how to put the bikes together and also gives them the tools to teach it to someone else.  This ecological initiative not only addresses climate change, but also helps make changes in poverty and issues related to unemployment in the rural areas.  These jobs help women stay empowered and have access outside of their townships and villages.  It also gives them the mobility to do the things needed on a day-to-day basis.

Bamboo Bikes Ghana has strong partnerships with Clinton Global Initiative UniversitySindicatum Climate Change Foundation, UnitedSucces and the National Youth Council Ghana.  This venture has created opportunities to improve standard of living for people in remote areas.  The company is also committed to treating people fairly and operates using fair trade.

bike made in ghana
Bamboo has a strong load bearing capacity. Each square inch can carry up to 500 pounds and has the ability to withstand the tough terrain.


Women building bamboo bikes in Ghana.
Women building bamboo bikes in Ghana.

Click Here to learn more about: Ghana Bamboo Bikes

Resources: UN and Climate Change, Ghana Bamboo Bikes



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