Failure is Temporary


Most of the time when we fail at something we seem to forget that the situation is only temporary.  Just like a bruise when we take a fall or bump into something;  it is quite painful and leaves that reddish-blue mark under the skin. The marks that prove the body has been harmed.  Whenever you touch it, the pain is real and it seems like it will not go away, but gradually over time it gets better.  Eventually that bruise starts to fade and your skin starts healing itself.

Within a matter of time, the bruise is gone and your body is back to normal.  We should learn to treat failure much like a bruise.  It’s not permanent like a tattoo.  A bruise, just like failure, is only temporary.  We just need to understand that some bruises take longer to heal than others.  There are times a failure seems to last for a long haul and other times it’s just an instant.  Take it one day at a time and have the comfort of knowing it will soon be gone.

Failure doesn’t last forever.



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