Swim with Nakimuli

Bright Delight swimsuit.
Bright Delight swimsuit.

All too often women are faced with the daunting task of finding a swimsuit that flatters their body and makes them feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.  Unfortunately, when looking at websites and in stores the styles are typically shown on one body type; the tall slim, perfectly proportioned model.  But as we know, most women are not built that way.  That’s what makes the Nakimuli label so interesting.  When you visit their collection online, most styles will be shown on both a smaller sized model and a fuller figured woman.  It gives a real example and idea of what the same swimsuit looks like on different sizes of women.

Nakimuli was launched in 2009 by Tennille McMillan.  The Brooklyn designer originally studied dance but decided to pursue her love of fashion.  She uses jersey fabrics which allow her to create designs that not only look great on a woman’s body, but also are versatile enough to make collections that look good on all body types.  According to the website, Nakimuli wants to “replace the cookie cutter model with one that embraces individuality, comfort and fun.”  She certainly does that with her use of colours, cut and design.

She not only sells swimwear but a range of styles for everyday wear on her website and also through etsy.com.  International shipping is available for those outside of the United States.

Shop on Etsy: CLICK HERE

Shop entire collection on Namikuli website: CLICK HERE

Peekaboo II swimsuit.
Peekaboo II swimsuit.


Photo: nakimuli.com
Photo: nakimuli.com


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