I Heart Ugg

Photo courtesy UGG Australia
Photo courtesy UGG Australia

UGG Australia has just announced it will be launching a new brand targeted at tween girls, ages 9-13, called I Heart Ugg.  The brand is set to make its debut online and in selected stores on July 14.  I Heart Ugg will feature a selection of product including shoes, loungewear, accessories and handbags.  This new collection will initially be available in the U.S., Japan and China.

“This is an important time in a young girl’s life and her tastes and needs are different than in any other life stage,” says UGG Australia President Connie Rishwain.  The new line will be an expression of their target market who are young, fresh, vibrant and playful in all areas of their lives.  It will feature bold colours, patterns and styles that a young girl would love and can mix into her current wardrobe.  “The key was to make this product uniquely different from the UGG brand, yet so very recognizable as UGG,” Rishwain continued.

The website iheartugg.com launches on July 14 along with being sold in selected stores including Nordstrom, Zappos and Dillard’s in the U.S.  I Heart Ugg will also be sold at UGG flagship stores in California, New York, Hawaii, Chicago and at The Mall of America in Minneapolis.  The products will have the same quality and craftsmanship that UGG is known for and this collection will feature its own distinct design details including an I Heart UGG logo heel place, a red heart rivet and “kiss” stitching on seams.

Website goes live July 14 – http://www.iheartugg.com


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