Ring Bling for Spring


Freedom from Topshop collection of rings.
Freedom from Topshop collection of rings.

For several seasons necklaces and earrings have been big winners when it comes to making a statement.  This year rings are the accessory item that has come to the forefront.  No longer is it engagement rings that are conversation makers.  Rings have been declared one of the hottest accessory items for spring 2014.

With a variety of styles, shapes and price points to fit everyone’s desire, anyone can get on with this trend.  Wearing multiple rings is something we will see a lot of this season.  “Layering rings is a major jewelry trend,” says Amanda Gizzi, spokesperson for Jewelry Information Centre. “From big statement rings worn on multiple fingers to multiple skinny rings stacked high on one finger, there is no wrong way to layer.”

rings topshop

Skinny delicate rings are easily layered to create a modern look.  Wear multiple skinny gold or silver rings close to the base of your finger. Add a geometric ring on top to modernize it one step further.  Don’t be afraid to try different textures, shapes or added colour by way of interesting stones.

Knuckle and midi rings are something new for many women.  Worn between the first and second knuckle, the trick is finding the perfect fit so it doesn’t come off.  Choosing wire wraparound styles that have small details on the end like arrows, crosses or hearts are popular choices.

Freedom at Topshop collection. Spring 2014.
Freedom at Topshop collection. Spring 2014.



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