Are You In Your Comfort Zone?


Most people never get out of their comfort zones; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, professionally or personally. Most are guilty with one or maybe all of these. Being comfortable where we are is an easy way to go through life. It doesn’t allow for growth, change or any movement in a new direction. It doesn’t challenge the mind and keeps a person stagnant.

As adults we are usually most comfortable at our jobs or in relationships. Consider how many people complain about their jobs and talk about what they would rather be doing. It is actually understandable why we can become trapped and comfortable in a job. Financial commitments, family, stability and security are all legitimate reasons people get comfortable. But sometimes comfort also means not being truly happy. If there is something else you would rather be doing then plan to do that. I read the story of a woman who left her successful career as a Lawyer to pursue one in the magazine business. She saved up a year of living expenses to prepare for jumping into a new career because she knew she was starting over. If you want to start over make a plan. If you’re older just plan thoughtfullly and strategically. You have less time for error. Young people just dive in. Still make a plan but know you have some flexibility with making mistakes and also you likely have less commitments.

In relationships people can become comfortable when they have been with someone for a long time. It’s important to try something new or remember the things you did in the beginning. Get out of the normal routine and move the relationship to another level. If you’ve become comfortable with someone you know you shouldn’t be with, that is even worse. Get out while you can. Better to be alone than comfortable with someone you know you shouldn’t be with.

When we are children we are constantly being challenged to get out of our comfort zones. Always trying something new or different. As young people we have less fear of going against the norm. School is a place where most people learned something new on a regular basis. It was where we fostered growth and development.

Treat your life like a school. Find ways to grow on every part of your life. Get out of your comfort zone.


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