LIFE | Leave Your Smartphone


These days it is so normal to be sitting in public places and watch as nobody makes eye contact.  Everyone has their head down looking at their mobile devices.  I have seen people not taking in the moment because they are too busy with their phones.
I’m guilty of this too. I found myself missing the beauty of a landscape because I was busy chatting with someone on whatsapp.  Sometimes we need to tell people we are busy or will chat later so we can enjoy the moment we are living.

Have you ever been at a restaurant with a group of friends and everyone is on their phones? They are online, checking status updates or chatting with others.  It’s not fair to yourself or the people you are with. You miss out on living those moments in life.

When I saw this image today I just had to share it because I know so many people can relate.  I can relate.  Today I will challenge myself to leave the smartphone and focus on living those moments I may never get back. 

Will you be able to do the same? 


2 thoughts on “LIFE | Leave Your Smartphone

  1. I find it so sad too! Out walking my dog, I see mothers with their kid in the stroller and yakking on the phone. That hardly qualifies as time with the kid.

    It seems like everyone has a phone in their hand these days. I couldn’t even pass the CN Tower without being asked to take a group photo and they were not tourists either!?! What gives?


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