Why Not Now?


I had an interesting conversation with a man who asked me, “If money was not the issue and you could do anything what would it be ?” I have been asked that question before but for some reason on the day he asked me, it really spoke to me. It was a moment where I just really absorbed the meaning of that question.

I answered him saying “Well I would be…..” He quickly interjected and said, “No. You don’t say you would be….say I am doing….” I was taken aback and said “Well I’m not actually doing it yet so I’m not giving people the impression that I am. Then what if they ask to see it…” He said, “That doesn’t matter. Speak it into existence and it will attract the right connections.”

I learned a very big lesson from that man on that day. Never underestimate the power of our words. Perhaps my choice of words is why it’s not happened at the pace I had hoped. After all when we speak, the next step is to act on it. So if I say “I am doing….” then naturally “I will do…”

So today I ask you, “Why not now?” Is there something you want to be doing but have delayed? Why aren’t you doing it? Make a list of the things you want to be doing and figure out a plan of how you will get it done.

After you read this post just take a moment to ask yourself, “If money were no object what would I do for a living? Why am I not doing it now?” Write it down because that makes it more tangible. It becomes real once you’ve given life to it.


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