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Did you know that 42% of people who graduate from college in the United States never read another book after graduation?  That’s almost half.  According to statistics 50% of American adults can read at an 8th grade level.  I was shocked when I read that statistic.  The reality is many people don’t see the value in reading once they finish school.  We spend so much time in school being forced to read material that was mandatory.  Some enjoyed it and most did not.

The reality in our world today though is that learning cannot stop.  People must always be upgrading their skills and learning new things.  The way technology is always changing, not keeping up with the times can have a person left behind.  In such a competitive work force the only way to move ahead is to be constantly learning.  Take the time to read books, magazine articles, and stories.  Go outside of your comfort zone and perhaps take a night class.  You don’t have to be working towards a degree, diploma or certificate.  It can simply be a recreational class that challenges your mind, skills and opens you up to new experiences.  Believe it or not, the more you learn the more your grow as a person.

Never stop just because you are finished school.  Life itself is a school of knowledge.  Just listening to others, being open to conversation and new experiences through travel are all a part of the learning process.  One thing is for certain, learning should never end.  Learning is what keeps you open to new possibilities.

keep learning

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