PROSPER | PROSPEROUS LIVING – Sept. 10 – Be Consistent

consistency is key

One of the reasons we don’t achieve our goals is because we are not consistent.  It is so easy to get started at something.  The difficult part is doing it over and over and over again until we achieve the desired results.   Just think about the things you have set your mind to and if you were able to maintain a level of consistency.

One example is setting the goal to get in physical shape.  Whether it is losing weight, getting healthier or increasing muscle mass, it’s not an easy goal.  Getting yourself up to exercise is perhaps one of the most difficult things for us to do.  Many of us have been there.  We start a new routine getting up at a certain time to work out.  Maybe manage to do it for 6 weeks and then something happens and a day is missed.  Then another and another.  Before you know it, you’ve slipped out of the routine and gone right back to doing nothing.

It’s that easy to slip back into old habits and not maintain a level of consistency in what we do.  I admit I have fallen victim to being inconsistent at times.  Then I have to remind myself about the end goal.  Get back on that horse and start riding again.  It’s the only way to get the results I want or what you want.

So today set a plan to be consistent.  If you plan it today, be sure you do it tomorrow.  Then do it again the next day and the next day.  Perhaps you should have an accountability partner.  Someone who can check if you’re staying on track.  Sort of like having a coach.  That person who will always be there to keep you on course and remind you why you set the goal in the first place.  Once it becomes a habit, you will see how much easier it is to be consistent.



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