“I’m going to start my business….someday. ”
“I’m going to learn how to swim….someday.”
“Someday I hope to…..”

How many scenarios can you recount where you or someone you know has said they will do something “someday”.  There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them. 

Life is full of possibilities if we choose to act on them rather than wait for someday.

What is it you wish to accomplish?  If you know then write it down. Make a plan of action how you will do it.  It could be as simple as saying, “I want to start a business so Monday I will register it. Tuesday I will start looking for a location….”  Remember it is one step at a time. 

Once you can put a day on ‘someday’ you will be on your way to doing the things you want.


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