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A part of getting out of your comfort zone includes travelling to a place that is different than what you are used to.  This doesn’t mean you have to plan a fancy vacation at an exotic place.  Not everyone has the means to do that.  But If you do, then by all means explore the globe.  If you don’t then try something as simple as visiting a new place in your vicinity. That can still open your eyes and mind.

You will certainly discover something different, unexpected and create a new experience. I once met a man in Brooklyn, New York who told me he had never been to Manhattan.  I was shocked.  How can a person live just a 15 minute subway ride from one of the most travelled places in the world and have never been there?  The way I see it he is missing out a some great experiences.  

I admit that I have been guilty of sticking in my comfort zone and not exploring new places.  I lived in downtown Toronto and have never been to the top of the CN Tower.  I grew up close to Niagara Falls and didn’t take the elevator to the bottom of the falls until my cousin from North Carolina came to visit.  In my mind I thought, “I’m close enough that I can do it anytime. What’s the hurry?” Could that be what the man from Brooklyn was thinking? He told me everything he needed was in Brooklyn so why go outside of what he knew?

As I write this post today, I have the privilege of knowing I have travelled many places in the world. I’m not saying this to impress you but rather to say even though I have travelled I still get stuck in a comfort zone sometimes.

Today I challenge you to go somewhere you have never gone. Maybe a restaurant, shop or even taking a different route home than you normally take. You’d be surprised what you may discover.


2 thoughts on “LIFE | Travel A New Road

  1. Totally agree with this advice. I LOVE going anywhere new, where I have not been before but then I’ve been traveling since I was 3. Have been traveling on my own since 20 something. It’s only scary the first time, then it’s great!


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