h-jackson-brown-jr-time_1Do you ever feel exhausted and say that you don’t have enough time to do something?  We have all done it.  That’s why when I read this quote I was instantly inspired.  Because so many greats in history utilized the same amount of time to accomplish some amazing things.  The key is learning how to use your time wisely in order to accomplish what you have set forth.

These days we are so easily distracted by things like Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media.  If I look at my own habits I can think of the times when I would log onto Facebook with intent of only 10 minutes only to find it has sucked almost an hour of valuable time.  I am shocked at how quick the time goes when this has happened.

It’s up to every individual to use our time wisely in order to be efficient and get things done.  What will you do today to use your 24 hours wisely?


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