construction zone

“The road to success is always under construction”

~ Lily Tomlin

Sometimes when we hit a roadblock, we forget that it’s not always a smooth ride.  The road to success is never simple.  Once we recognize that, we will not be so quick to call it quits when he hit a rough road.  Success comes at a cost and that price has everything to do with getting through a construction zone.  Sure the road from point A to point B might be straight, but there could be a rough patch ahead that you never anticipated.

Plan ahead so that when you encounter those rough spots, you’re not so shocked you decide to stop driving.  I loved the quote by Lily Tomlin because it reminds me of how we feel when we’re driving and then come upon a roadblock because of a construction zone.  The feeling of frustration instantly hits.  Not knowing how long you will have to wait behind the sign, trucks or workers can be frustrating; especially when you’re on a schedule.

The best thing to do is to remember that the construction is only making improvements on the road ahead.




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