It’s so easy for us to forget about all the good things that people say to us or about us.  Isn’t it?  How many times have you been at work and were criticized for something and then you let it take over your thoughts so much you forget all the good things you’ve been complimented on at work.

In our personal lives people can sometimes be nasty and say some pretty awful things.  Even in encounters with acquaintances, colleagues and business associates we can become victims of insults.  Sometimes it can even be a stranger; who knows nothing about you.

Why allow a negative insult take over and push out all the good?  Today choose to remember the compliments.  Don’t focus on the bad insulting things said but rather the positive and complimentary words that can uplift.

Not only is it good for you to remember the compliments you have received but, you should also aim to give someone else a compliment who may be in dire need of some good, positive words.  You never know, it might make their day.



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