not things


It’s so easy to get caught up in the things in our lives.  We get excited about buying the latest items and even spend a large portion of our incomes accumulating stuff.  When I think back to the time shortly after my father’s death I remember the thought that came to mind when we started to go through his things.  I thought, “That’s it.  He’s gone.  All this stuff left behind.  Stuff never to be used again.”

We think that things will make us happy when the reality is it’s the people in our lives that do that.  Sure it’s fun to get something new it gives us that temporary rush of happiness.  But the saying is true about when you near the end of your life you’re not asking for your stuff.  Instead you want the people who are important around you.

Today make the choice to value the people in your life over things.  They are worth so much more.  Don’t wait until life is coming to an end to realize it.  Know it now.



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