RELATIONSHIPS | What Men Hate that Women Do


As a woman, I’m sure I have made some mistakes that fall into the category of things men dislike about women.  I’m sure many of you have done at least one at some point in your life too.  Romantic relationships are so complex and we can take a long time to really figure out who we are and what works or doesn’t work.  Even people who have been married for years go through challenges.

We women always seem to have long lists of what we are looking for or expecting in a man.  But we fail to realize that sometimes we are at fault too.  I was recently reading an article about the things women do that men hate.  One of the things that hit home with me was “when she can’t take a joke”.  I know that sometimes I have taken things literally and failed to ‘get the joke’.  Something I definitely have worked to ratify.  Now I can laugh and even laugh at myself at times.  When we’re too serious it’s a real turn off.   Another thing I read that guys hate was when a woman takes too long getting ready.  Taking your time every time you are going somewhere is just inconsiderate.  It does take women a little longer to get ourselves together since we have more to our routines than men typically do.  But if you plan effectively you can be ready on time all the time and not leave your date waiting too long.

Here is a list of ten things that many men dislike that women do.  I took some points from various articles and posts I have read and found these to be some of the most common on the lists.

  1. Being too jealous.  The green-eyed monster will get you nowhere.
  2. Being a clingy girlfriend.  Most men love to feel like you need them, but at the same time they are very turned off by a woman who seems like she has nothing else going on in her life except for him.  Men like when a woman has some independence.
  3. When you’re late getting ready and he’s forced to wait that extra hour when he could have just sat at home and picked you up later.
  4. Nagging.
  5. Too much makeup.
  6. When a woman is too emotional or sensitive this can be something many men have a hard time with.
  7. Being flirtatious with other men.
  8. Most men like to have time with their friends and hate when a woman demands every spare moment with him.
  9. Expecting him to read your mind. There’s nothing worse than a woman being upset with her man and not telling him why.  Just communicate and tell him.
  10. Being insecure.  Men hate when women are constantly doubting themselves or the relationship.

***This post has been edited since it was first published.


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