Luck happens when (1)


“I don’t believe in luck. For me luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity.  There is no luck without you being prepared to handle that moment of opportunity.” – Oprah Winfrey

I have seen this idea quoted many times not only by Oprah but my many others.  I don’t know who originally said it but it’s still quite profound when you think about it.  This statement really is an eye-opener for those who think that life is always about luck.  I have heard some people talk about how ‘lucky’ certain people are for all the great things that seem to happen to them or for them.  But the reality is when we really think about it, we have all had an opportunity come to us at some point in our lives.  Opportunities don’t have to be defined as something that’s monumental on the world scale.  If you’re limiting yourself to believe that an opportunity is something that only happens to famous people then you don’t understand the concept.

An opportunity could be a teacher who tells you about a writing contest and suggests you enter it.  IF you choose to enter that could have been the chance to show your ability on a broader scale.  If you were PREPARED for that opportunity, a decision to take it could lead to great things.

It could be a personal trainer who says you should enter the local marathon.  If you’re prepared you take it.  What about a project at work that your boss wants to hand to you?  You’re given the choice to do it or not.  If you’re ready for it, you’ll jump in and use it as your opportunity to prove what you can do which could lead to bigger things.

The point is, everything we are doing is preparing us for the moment of opportunity.  When you make decisions and choices ask yourself if this is preparing you for what your end goal is.  If it is then do it with all your energy.  It’s all about doing your best and becoming better at what you’re doing so that when that moment of opportunity knocks you are ready to receive it and move to the next level.

Today remember that when your opportunity knocks, you should be prepared to open the door.


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