PROSPER | Prosperous Living – January 27



Every single day we have small opportunities to encourage others.  Living a positive life also means inspiring others in a positive way.  Think of all the times your spirit has been uplifted by some words of encouragement from someone.  Choose to do the same for someone else.

Use words of praise when you notice someone doing something right.  Often people speak negative before they do positive.  If you can do this that person will feel a sense of pride and be instantly uplifted that someone took notice.

Another way to encourage someone is by saying nice things about them in front of other people.  You never know how much it means to someone to hear you speak highly of them in public.  It’s probably one of the best ways to encourage them.

If someone is feeling a little down, be the light in their life that day.  Say something that speaks to their heart and remind them that they are special.




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