STYLE | Inauguration Style

Sasha, Malia and Michelle Obama.

There is always tremendous pressure on women when it comes to special events regarding what they are going to wear.  Especially for a woman like Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States.  The eyes of the world are on her for style inspiration.  Meanwhile  her husband, President Barack Obama, wore the same suit Brooks Bros. cashmere jacket he did at his first Inauguration four years ago.  But nobody would no any different.

As usual Michelle Obama always makes careful choices when it comes to style.  She’s consistent and keeps her look simple and always looks classy.  For the daytime festivities the First Lady was wearing an outfit by Thom Brown accented with a J. Crew beaded belt, while Sasha wore a Kate Spade coat and dress and Malia was wearing an ensemble from J. Crew.


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