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Remember when we were in kindergarten?  Ok, some of you might not remember.  But I’m sure you recall the joy and excitement you felt as a child when you opened up a fresh box of crayons!!


I remember having such joy.  Especially because a new box had not been touched by anyone.  Nobody’s fingerprint had made a mark.  None of them were broken or worn down or even scraping the colours between them.

Once in a while we should take a moment to explore our creativity.  Go back to childhood and don’t allow any inhibitions to hold back your creative side.  For some this comes naturally and for others it means really stretching outside of your comfort zone.

Sometimes you look at people who have made change in the world through creativity like Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling , Mark Twain or Bob Marley and think, “I’ll never be as creative as that.”

Well you first have to change your thinking.  Because for those people who have changed the world, they were all fearless.  When you have an idea, do it.

Try this creativity exercise to get you started.  I know this sounds silly but buy a box of crayons.  Most dollar stores will have them if you don’t want to spend a fortune.  Grab a blank sheet and just draw; it doesn’t have to be realistic.  It can be abstract.  Explore the colour combinations and the ideas that come out of your mind.


Being creative is not just about art.  It’s also about exploring ideas.  It could be for business, self-development or even an invention.  It’s all about thinking outside the box.  It’s about going against the grain.  Galileo Galilei went against the Catholic Church to present his ideas on science.  Nelson Mandela went against the leaders of South Africa because of what he believed and was even jailed for it.

Another exercise you can try to explore your creative side is to carry a notebook with you.  I do that all the time..  When an idea for something comes to mind, like a story or business idea, write it down.  Many famous authors and business people who have visionary ideas have written it down the moment it comes to mind.

Remember, it’s not enough to just right it down.  Promise to follow through or at least get started on the idea.  Once you do, you’ll realize that exploring your creative side isn’t as difficult as you thought.

Creativity comes from within your heart and soul.  You should never allow it to sleep.


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