PROSPER | Prosperous Living – January 13

“Learn to let go.  Use your past as a catalyst to build a new future.”

                – Ivy Prosper

Sometimes we allow the past to hold us back from what the future holds for us.  We can spend so much time looking in the rear view mirror that we’re not paying attention to what’s in front of us.  Today, challenge yourself to look forward.

Think of it like driving.  The rear and side view mirrors are there to help you navigate.  To help you look out for those possible dangers.  The same goes for your past.  The mistakes you’ve made are behind you and should serve as a platform for you to learn how to drive into your future more safely.


Letting go of the past is the surest way to move freely into your future.  Today challenge yourself to live a prosperous life by letting go of the negative experiences.  Allowing all you’ve learned to be lessons moving you forward to making better decisions.




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