PROSPER | Prosperous Living – January 12


“Limits are like fears.  Just an illusion.”

               – Michael Jordan

In my opinion Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever.  Now that’s my opinion, I’m trying to ruffle any feathers of others who may disagree.  What I admire the most about this legend is his fearless determination and ability to remain focused during his career as an athlete.  He knew his limits but was never afraid to test himself by going beyond them regardless of what anyone else said.  He regularly approached the game without fear.

The way he approached his career is how we should live our lives.  Without fear.  Don’t allow others to tell you what your limitations are.  Sometimes when you are aware of your limits, you should use that as your bar and strive to surpass it.  Just think of people who are disabled and the world thinks they cannot accomplish something.  Some of them end up becoming the leaders and the shapers of our society.

Today choose to live life beyond your limits and not allow fear to hold you back.



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