STYLE | Look Forward to Spring

Michael Kors spring 2013 collection.
Michael Kors spring 2013 collection.

Yes, it’s just the beginning of January.  But with the cold winds, snowstorms and icy concrete, are you not ready for spring?  I know it’s a little far-fetched to think about that when you’re pulling on winter boots, a hat, scarf and heavy coat every morning.  But isn’t it such a delight to walk into the stores and get the sneak peek at what’s coming up for spring fashion trends?

If you’re fortunate enough to be travelling somewhere warm, it’s the perfect opportunity to get a head start on wearing some new threads.  But, for anyone else who is bearing the brunt of old man winter, you can still fantasize about spring.  It’s never too early to pick up a few items that are already in store.  The wonderful part of this season is you can layer your pieces.  Mixing spring with winter is something fashion leaders are always taking advantage of.  It’s easier to transition winter to spring than in the middle of summer when heavy fall and winter items will make you sweat.

Michael Kors, Spring 2013 collection.

Michael Kors is an American designer whose classic style has made him one of fashion’s most successful designers.  His collection for spring 2013 is reminiscent of the minimalism of 90’s fashion but with a pop of colour.  The designs had stripes, bright tones and tailored simplicity.  There is something everyone can wear in his spring collection.  No matter what your body type most styles are suitable for nearly every occasion.

The evening dresses were also simple with interesting cuts and geometric inspiration.  If you can’t afford the price points of Kors you can always find department store versions of the classic styles that are more reasonably priced.

How to wear it in the winter is easy.  Pair the dresses and skirts with tights and a quality pair of boots.  Instead of going sleeveless find a nice cardigan or blazer to top some of the dresses.  Tone down the bright pop of colour with neutral shades like grey or black if you want to mix and match..  Remember, it’s so simple to bring a little spring into this cold and dreary winter.  It’s the perfect way to brighten your day.


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