STYLE | Shimmer and Shine

Left to right: Rachel Zoe, Paco Rabanne, and Ralph Lauren.
Left to right: Rachel Zoe, Paco Rabanne, and Ralph Lauren.

It’s the holiday season and that means parties galore.  What will you be wearing to the next festive event?  Well, if you want to really make a statement how about brightening up the party with some shine.  This season fabrics in gold, bronze and silver are best for looking like a starlet.

Designers showed this trend for fall and holiday and now you can find shimmery, shiny and glittery fabrics in your local retailers.  From long to short anything goes.  Even shoes have upped the ante with sequins, and glitter.  You’ll find glitter shoes in a variety of colours from pink to electric blue.

When it comes to these embossed fabrics it’s best to consider your body type as well as how much you want to stand out in a crowd.  You’re sure to be the centre of attention wearing a fluid gold gown down to your ankles.  That’s the perfect look for a red tie affair or even for New Year’s Eve when you want to up the ante on style.  Keep your accessories simple if wearing a metallic from head to toe.  Too much jewellery can make you look to gaudy.

But if you must choose a flashy accessory a pair of sparkly shoes are your best bet.  Keep them simple in the same colour as your dress so as not to overpower it.  Or you could choose to wear a solid coloured dress and make your shimmery shoes your statement piece.

Miu Miu Glitter Pumps

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