PROSPER | Control Your Destiny


Sometimes we fail to realize that we have more control of our destiny than we thought.  It’s all to easy to lay blame on everyone else or everything else for things not working out the way we planned.  But the reality is, we do have the ability to help shape and control our lives.

The first thing is to have an end in mind.  Author Stephen Covey, wrote in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, that you should begin with the end in mind.  This was Habit #2 in the book.  When we do that  it is easier to aim for a specific goal.  When you know what you are striving for it will keep you focused and working to attain the goal.

In order to achieve a vision, you have to visualize it in your mind.  The ability to mentally create what you want is key to moving towards the goal.  Having control over your destiny is about being active and not just sitting back and waiting for things to happen.  When you write down a plan of action and work towards each goal step by step then you’re on your way to fulfilling and creating your destiny.

My personal goals have changed over the years but I always remember to write down what my goals are.  Sometimes life can throw us a curve ball or an unexpected twist that forces us to change our plan or perhaps directs us more towards what we were meant to be doing.  Through my career I have had several experiences from modelling to design, sales, management to Public Speaking and TV Reporting.  Every experience has become a part of who I am and contributes to everything I do.

An example of how I decided to take control of my destiny was when I vocalized my desire to work in television.  I began by volunteering at a community station then I went back to school and studied Television & Radio Broadcasting.  I took the necessary steps to educate myself and get some real hands on experience in order to fulfill the goal I had in mind.  That’s just one example that can be applied to any career choice.  If you say you want to do it, ask yourself what the steps are to get to where you want to be.

Often times when we are working to shape our destiny we are ‘stuck’ in jobs we don’t enjoy.  Sometimes even loathe.  But if you can remember what author Iyanla Vanzant says about living ‘in the meantime‘, it will be easier to get through each day.  As you do that keep the vision in your mind of what you want to do.

Sometimes creating a personal mission statement will help guide you through and keep you focused.  Write it down.  Post it in places you will be reminded of it daily.  Sometimes when we write our goals (as people often do at the beginning of a new year) it is less likely to be forgotten.

Successful people are always reviewing their goals and even making changes where necessary.  Remember you do have some control over your destiny.  You just have to be willing to take the steering wheel instead of letting someone else drive you.



“To succeed is to Prosper.” -Ivy Prosper


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