Photo credit: David Leyes (www.davidleyes.com
Photo credit: David Leyes (www.davidleyes.com
Ivy Prosper is a multi-talented woman with a vision.  She is a Motivational Speaker, Public Speaker, Writer and Television Reporter.  Over the years her experiences in fashion, management and television have all come together as she continues to build and grow in her career.
Ivy is passionate about doing things that not only motivate women but also helps them to live better lives and move forward into a prosperous future they never thought possible.  Her mantra is, “To succeed is to Prosper.”  In speaking about living a prosperous live she doesn’t necessarily equate prosperity with financial riches.  Many people equate prosperity with financial riches but Ivy begs to differ.  She believes that living a prosperous life is about doing something you are passionate about and without a doubt the money will come in as a result.  When you focus on doing something you love, you’ll find making the money will be the logical result.  In pursuing the prosperous life it’s about living your life in the most positive way and doing things that not only impact you but also can effect change in others.
To succeed is to Prosper is all about becoming successful.  Ivy equates success with doing something you have a passion for and doing things that have a positive impact on other people’s lives.  Becoming a prosperous woman is all about feeling your best, looking your best and being your best woman possible.
Ivy’s interests include travel, reading, and volunteering in the community.  Her travels around the world have helped to shape and mould the woman she has become.  As a passionate woman Ivy puts her heart into everything she gets involved in.  This website is her opportunity to share ideas on building success, life skills, style tips and relationship talk.  It’s an open forum where she is welcoming readers to comment on posts and share ideas about how they are living life and prospering.

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  1. Hi Ivy, my name is Tishel and I’m a 15 year-old from Toronto.I got bullied alot when I was younger about the complexion of my skin. As I got older, my confidence grew enormously and now I want to help uplift young females with low self esteem and insecurities.
    On Saturday April 4th, I’ll be hosting my first event for children and teens to help them build their self-esteem and gain confidence.I would be more than happy if you could attend the event to have a little talk with them.


  2. Great accomplishment Ivy,hoping you expand it to Ghana television,fashion and others..I will love to see your event in ghana…”Prosper”.


  3. i first saw you on a film about ghana today and the energy you transmitted compelled me to seek you out to hear more of you – i am now a instant fan – keep up the good work and communicate god bless you always


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