Jamestown Coffee Warehouse | Cafes in Ghana

One of my new favourite cafes in Accra, is the Jamestown Coffee Warehouse located in Osu. The space looks like a warehouse that’s been converted into a restaurant space. It reminds me of something I’d see in downtown Toronto. It’s got that King Street East, Liberty Village vibe.

The menu is moderate pricing with food ranging from 20 – 150 GHC. It’s a non-Ghanaian menu featuring foods like salmon crepe, seafood pasta and burgers. They also serve their very own brand of coffee. Jamestown Coffee Roasters is grown and made in Ghana. I’ve already been buying their bagged coffee at the grocery store and now it’s great to come to their cafe, enjoy a cup and even purchase your own bag to take home. They sell fresh beans and will grind them for you if you prefer that.

The cafe is easily found on Google Maps by simply typing ‘Jamestown Coffee Warehouse’ or ‘Jamestown Coffee Roasters’. Make sure to type the full name or it would default to Jamestown Cafe, which is located in Jamestown and is a totally different place.

BONUS: They have Wifi available for their customers.


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