Can You Still Do A Vision Board?

We’re halfway through 2019 already. By now most people have long abandoned their New Year’s resolutions and have fallen into their old patterns. Old habits die hard. I know. It’s not easy. Reaching your goals never is.

In December and January I noticed there were so many ‘Vision board’ parties and events designed to help people plan ahead for the new year. Now that we are in June, have you taken a moment to review where you are with your goals?

It’s one of the elements you can sometimes miss when goal setting. It’s easy to make that list to start, but sticking to it is another story.

If you’re on track with your goals, congratulations. You be done better than the majority of people. So many people talk about success and what they want bit are not doing the things necessary to get there.

If you’re struggling it could be because you set goals that were unrealistic within the timeframe you gave yourself.

Create a Vision Board

Just because it’s not January 1, doesn’t mean you can’t do a vision board.

Take the time to gather the materials you’ll need to create your vision board. If you aren’t fond of cutting and pasting using magazines and paper, there are mobile apps that help you make a digital vision board.

Review your goals

Ask yourself if you’ve been doing all the necessary things to reach your goals.

Sometimes you say you want something but you’re not taking the strategic steps to get there.

Make a list of the things you should ne doing in order to reach the goals.

Set New Goals

As the year goes on, things come up that may shift your original plans. Perhaps you have mew goals as a result.

If that’s the case, set new goals amd create an action plan to get you there.


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