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Ankara Sunset Hat

$30 CDN + shipping

Shield the sunshine in style with this Ankara Hat made using the classic Nsu bra pattern that’s been popular since the 1970’s.  Both retro and modern, you’ll love how it’s the perfect topper to your outfit.

  • Inside cap measures 24″ (61 cm)
  • Brim depth measures 4.75 ”  (12 cm)
  • Brim circumference 53″ (135 cm)


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Akara Sunset Hat

$30 CDN + Shipping


2 thoughts on “SHOP | Ankara Hat

  1. Love this hat!, Such and important and fun accessory. Whats the material? i recommend avoiding cotton materials that mooch moisture from the hair. Maybe using a satan scarf or sewing a satin liner to the inside may help. ~thanks for the link to Akara Sunset Hats


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