When Women Support Each Other | Serena Williams – Naomi Osaka

Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka share a moment. (Getty Images)

Naomi Osaka is the 2018 Women’s US Open Tennis Champion.  At the age of 20, she achieved her lifelong dream of not only playing her tennis idol, Serena Williams, but also beating her to win the Championship.  I can’t even imagine the emotion she would have been feeling to make such an achievement.  As a former athlete myself in school, there were people I admired and if I beat would be such an achievement.

The win was tainted by the way Williams was treated throughout the match.  Accusations of breaking the rules caused her to challenge the referee stating that she’d rather lose than cheat.  After the match you could see that Osaka had a shadow of sadness over her win when she made an apology for winning.  She apologized because she knew that so many fans were actually rooting for Williams also adding that if she were in the stands as a fan she’d be going for the 23-time Grand Slam Champ too.  This took away from her true moment to shine.

One thing I did notice about this event was how the two had formed a bond with support for each other despite who the winner was.

The way Serena is being villified by so many media outlets is just sad.  I was watching KweseSports #KweseHomeRun in Ghana and was quite disappointed in how they resolved that Serena should have contained her emotions and


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