Serena Williams Vanity Fair Cover

Serena Williams is once again breaking the internet. This time it has nothing to do with tennis. The 23-grand slam title holder and mother-to-be graces the cover of Vanity Fair while nearly 6 months pregnant.

In 1991, Demi Moore was the first celebrity to publicly be photographed in the nude while pregnant for the cover of Vanity Fair.  Captured by Annie Leibovitz, it was unprecedented at that time. That photo became a game changer and shifted the culture and perception towards how the world viewed pregnancy.  

In fact when the August 1991 issue was released it actually caused such a stir that some stores even refused to stock it on their shelves. Some deemed it as inappropriate and thought it was too sexually charged. 

Up until then, pregnant women were never viewed as sensual beings and always covered up and were not seen the same way they are today.  Moore’s photo was the first that portrayed pregnancy as being sexy.  Especially in mainstream media.  

What Moore and Leibovitz did became one of the most influential photographs of our time. So much that many pregnant women today schedule their own photoshoots during pregnancy.

Williams was also photographed by Annie Leibovitz for her Vanity Fair cover story.  She is still adjusting to the idea of becoming a mother.  She shocked everyone with her announcement in April and even moreso when people realized she won her most recent grand slam title while she was actually pregnant.

She and her fiancé Alexis Ohanian are excited for what the future holds both as parents and for their pending nuptials.

Click here to read more in the Vanity Fair article here.


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