Fashion Forum Africa 

After a successful year, Fashion Forum Africa returned with its Ghana Edition as their first event of 2017 at The National Theatre in Accra.  It was part of the Ghana Culture Day celebrations on March 14th.  I was honoured to be a part of it as the Moderator of a panel discussion about the fashion industry in Ghana.  

Instagram Image courtesy @yourboydotty_paakwesi.

‘Fashion As Art’ was the theme and discussions went from what it means to be a desiger to being creative, how fashion is art and reflects the personality and culture of an individual and much more. On the panel were Photographer, David Kweku Sakyi, Designer Ivana Annan (also known as Ivana Jamestown Awula), International Model and Entreprneur Shirley Selase Anku and The Godfather of hip-life music, Reggie Rockstone.

All the panelists had strong contributions to the topic based on everyone’s experiences in fashion or related industries. 

Makeba Boateng, Founder of Fashion Forum Africa with Ivy Prosper.

Fashion Forum Africa was created by Makeba Boateng, CEO of MCPR Africa one of Ghana’s top PR agencies.  FFA provides a platform for those working in or pursuing the fashion and creative industries, to discuss the challenges and current state of the fashion industry in African countries. Some of the issues addressed with FFA include many relevant questions aimed to grow the industry. What can be done to build it into an industry that will make a global impact? How can culture be preserved while still creating products that  customers outside the continent would patronize. What are there challenges and how can they be overcome?

All relevant questions that were part of the conversation.  Reggie Rockstone’s father was Ricky Osei, also known as Saint Osei, he was known as the first modern fashion designer to have a fashion design business structured formally in Ghana. Reggie learned from his father about the value of creativity. He has also been a great influence in fashion because of being a famous recording artist. His style influenced a generation in how they dressed and what they purchased.

As an international model, Anku had the experience of modelling for designers in Europe and America to speak on. Especially during the Q&A session when a question was asked on how to get into modelling. 

Ivana Annan has been in the fashion industry for over 15 years and has made an impact. She once has the label Elle Couture, but now says she is better known as Ivana Jamestown.  Her clothing balances the contemporary woth tradition.

Phitographer David Sakyi was passionate when he expressed to the audience that if you dont love what you’re doingor llack the passion for it, you won’t e successful.

The session was recorded and will be available on YouTube, but for now take a look at this highlight reel of the day. 

Click here to watch highlight video of the event. ==>> Click

The setup before the event started. (Photo by Ivy Prosper)

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  1. Great work you are putting out here. Your team is organized and responsive very inspirational. I own a clothing production unit called LUNA Symons and would learn more from your articles. Thanks


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