Why Some Women Are Waiting For Marriage to Have Sex Again.

They aren’t virgins. So it’s not about saving themselves for the only man they will ever be with their entire life.  These women have already been sexually active and for various reasons have made the decision to wait.
Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda Kerr, who happens to be one of the highest paid models in the world, recently let a reporter for The London Times know that she and her fiancé Evan Spiegel have decided to wait until marriage before they have sex [Click here to read that story]. This isn’t the first celebrity to admit they are waiting. It’s usually been young teen stars with innocent love and romance who are virgins professing their commitment to wait for marriage.  So for a Victoria’s Secret model, whose job is not just about selling underwear, but about selling the fantasy of sex and sensuality, to admit she and her partner are waiting comes as a surprise to many.

Kerr is not the only woman who has embraced this alternative to our sexually charged society.  There are a lot of women doing the same thing.  This post was actually inspired by a friend who recently allowed herself to be vulnerable and post a video about this exact subject on Facebook.  With reluctance, she shared her struggle with abstinence in a public space so she can inspire others who are on the same journey.  Click the link below to watch her video.

[Click here to watch T’kehya ‘s video]

There are three types of women (or men) when it comes to abstaining from sexual activity.

1. The Born-Again Virgin

This woman has committed her life to her faith. Usually Christians who are either new to their faith or fallen off track somewhere along the way.  This woman believes with all her heart that her body is a temple and not to be given away to anyone that is not her husband. She will wait until she is married before she has sex again.

2. The Heartbroken Woman

She has had her heart broken too many times and has decided she won’t let anyone else in. She’d rather abstain from sex than get hurt again. She is one who hasn’t made a clear decision if she will wait for marriage or if she’s waiting until she is healed from her heartache.

3. The ‘I’m Waiting for the Right Person’

She has simply decided to take control over her body and who she gives it to.  This woman is not planning to wait for marriage. Rather she has chosen to wait for the next committed relationship before she has sex with another man.

What are your thoughts? Could you wait until marriage? Have you made the decision to wait?


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