Don’t Quit, Keep Going

We’re well into the new year and according to statistics mid-January is the time when the majority of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions.  What about you? Now is the time to assess the reason you chose the resolutions you did at the beginning of the year. If there was no real thought behind it then, yes, you will likely quit. But if you can find the reason for your goal then you possess the ability to keep going.
For example, If you declared that you want to lose weight this year, there is one question you need to ask.

Why? In other words, what’s your greater purpose of losing weight?

Once you answer that question you need to ask yourself another.

How am I going to achieve this goal which satisfies my greater purpose?

What is the greater purpose of the goal you set? Do you have an overall vision of what happens when you succeed at the goal? When there is a strong purpose it makes the will to continue that much easier.

For instance, if you want to lose weight because of an upcoming wedding or special occasion, that’s not really a greater purpose. Once the event has gone you will likely go right back to your old self and gain it all back. If your greater purpose is because you want to change your lifestyle and care for your health that’s a life change and it’s more likely you’ll commit.

In everything you do having a defined greater purpose will make reaching that goal much greater and rhe likelihood of quitting will be less.

Take a moment today to review your resolutions. Maybe you need to make some changes or discover there are other goals of more value. Who cares that it’s past New Year’s Day. You can make goals any time of year. You can make changes to your life anytime.


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