Model Says It’s Time for More Diversity

Model Deddeh Howard says that diversity in fashion still needs work. Check out her project that aims to draw attention to this.

See Inner Beauty

1_deddeh_howard_raffael_dickreuter_chanel_linda_evangelsita_campaign_secretofdd Emulating the Chanel campaign featuring Supermodel Linda Evangelista.

Model Deddeh Howard is a beautiful Liberian model who says that it’s time for more diversity in fashion.  She recently posted images on her site that she calls the Black Mirror Project.  With the help of photographer Raffael Dickreuter, she re-shot images from major fashion campaigns that featured white models.  She brings up an ongoing issue that continues to be a source of contention for models of colour.  Designers and decision makers still are not open to increasing the number of non-white models used for jobs.  Leaving non-white models to fight over the few jobs available for them.

It starts at the agency level when models are often turned away if they already represent one or two models of a certain race.  I know I personally experienced this during my days of pursuing a career in the modelling industry.  I would often…

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