Motivation PROSPER


​W.I.N. – What’s important now? 

Ask yourself that question. Often times we don’t think about what’s important and just ‘go with the flow’, but most of the time just letting things happen is a recipe for disaster.  Consciously ask yourself what is most important in order to accomplish the goal at hand?  But before you do that try something Tony Robbins suggests.

I recently watched one of his videos where he  talks about writing down your final outcome before doing anything else. I never thought about that concept before, but it actually made sense. Once you know your outcome your brain will figure out how to get there. In the process you’ll discover what’s important right now in order to reach that final goal.  For instance if your final outcome is to write a book, your brain will come up with a plan helping you sort out what’s most important. 

Today think about what your final outcome or destination is. You’ll realize in the process how amazing the brain is at analyzing and coming up with a plan to get there.

Asking yourself what’s important throughout your day will also alleviate you from making bad choices. Stop, think and ask. At any moment when a decision needs to be made. You’ll be astounded aa how you’re better able to make clear decisions and get things done.  

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