The Fanny Pack is Back

OFF-WHITE by Virgil Abloh, spring 2017 Paris Fashion Week. (Image,

If there is one bag trend that stood out during the spring 2017 fashion shows it  was the return of the fanny pack. Now being called the ‘belt bag’ or ‘waist bag’ the name change seems to give it a little more sophistication than what we saw in the 1990s. 

Michael Kors sleek fanny pack.

Despite the name change, it’s still a fanny pack to me. Although I must admit, it’s upgraded with more style. The new version is sleeker and not as tacky looking. The key to making this accessory look stylish is in choosing the right colour and shape. Make sure it’s slung around your hip or just below the waist to keep it looking cool.  Find anything from small to oversized and you’re all set. What I like about these, is it keeps you ‘hands free’ from holding straps on your shoulder or clutching your purse it in your hands.

Jil Sander, spring 2017. (Image Fashion GPS )
Marni, spring 2017. (Image: Fashion GPS)
Stella McCartney spring 2017. (Image: Fashion GPS)
Stella McCartney Spring 2017. (Image: Fashion GPS)

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